As a designer, one never knows when inspiration will strike.  Although one might feel inspired while working, it is normal while taking a break that we find ourselves inspired.

When we are not at work, our minds are clutter free and open to process experiences and to come up with new ideas. We can be inspired by random visuals that conjure an inspiring image. At times, visiting a monument, looking at old family pictures, going for an art show, a visit to an antique store or even architectural magazines can throw forth an idea in the mind’s eye.

Without our design inspirations, our creative juices dry up.  This often results in a ‘creative block’.  It is therefore very important to surround oneself with artistic inspiration in order to feed the imagination.

Things that inspire, fuels in us to think and feel the design we are going to create. We then ready ourselves to translate the idea in our work and energize it by creating a perfect balance and fit.   Inspiration assists me the best when I use certain brainstorming techniques, mapping out ideas with Computer Aided programs, sketches on grid paper or small samples.

As designers, we work hard to produce ‘fresh’, ‘new’, out of the box or even genius creations. Simple tools as motivational wallpaper on desktops, silencing the mind while sitting in the ‘comfort pose’, baking or cooking, gardening or simply walking in the park can ease in the Vagus nerve. This then helps the Frontal Cortex, the hub of creative thinking to do its job!

Inspiration often has an emotional impact on us and leaves us touched by wonder.  Our minds feel inspired to create.

Inspiration touches each of us in different ways.  One person may be inspired by a bowl of fruit while another is inspired by a person’s attire, a bridge over a canal, or the sky at nighttime.  Drawing upon our creative inspirations assists us to put together a campaign.

 It’s no secret that the creative industry can drain you of ideas, but I’ve found that creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it gets weaker. You must constantly use your creative muscle on Twitter Logo, send your ideas to Pinterest, Instagram or at the very least stimulate it on a consistent level, so that whenever you’re asked for a great idea, you can pull one out.

But how do you stay inspired and work that muscle on a consistent basis?

Have engaging Conversations with your Peers regularly. I have noticed that when I am able to succinctly express an idea, I’m most lucid and that idea gives rise to a design vision in my mind that gets energized on paper.

Consistently study the work of others and learn from them. Earlier, it was a lot more work one had to put into the ‘conception to product’ cycle. Now there are websites like’ Dribble’ and ’Muzli, that have brilliant pointers to give.

Surround yourself with great design. My desk and my house are pretty minimalist, but I surround myself with designs I love, I use Evernote, Dribbble, and digital storing solutions to capture the digital inspiration I stumble upon. Keeping inspiration all around me allows me to pull from that whenever I may need to, for a project or simply as an ongoing reminder of the great solutions that exist and to push myself to achieve that.

Take time to design for yourself. One doesn’t need to be an expert in all areas of design, one should have a fair idea about development, design, execution and marketing. If one can dabble in these, one can design and make many products.

Take time to design for yourself. I often design my own outfits. I use my skills to create contemporary jackets and outfits. The fun is using diverse materials to create apparel. I have been doing soft home furnishings for two decades now and find doing interiors for homes, looking for furniture, wall art a lot of fun.

 Staying inspired is something you have to work at.  It’s a little flame that needs to be fueled. You can do it by learning about someone’s great solution to a challenge that sparks your own ideas, or by sitting down to work on a side-project for yourself. Try to find something that works for you.

In some ways, inspiration feeds positivity. As designers, when we feel like we’re in the wrong spot or lack fulfillment, it can be due to the lack of inspiration. It can boil down to a lack of fresh ideas in the tank.

It is clear then, that if one is to stay motivated, one has to be inspired.